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The Best Blue Abstract Artists You Need to Know About in 2023

Perhaps because it's the colour of both the sky and the sea: in colour therapy, blue tones are said to evoke clarity, peacefulness, creativity, and increased productivity. Whilst light blue tones open up the room, dark blue tones can provide that touch of glamour you've been looking for. From woven abstract art, embroidery art, glass art to contemporary mosaic art, abstract artworks can cover all grounds. Transporting you from the depths of the deep blue sea to the swirling colours of the cosmos, these artists are a must-have in your office, hotel or residential space.

Our curators have sourced each piece for their quality, craftsmanship, and timelessness. Whether you're looking for textured canvas wall art, or minimalist line art, there are endless possibilities for your space.


Artelier Art Consultancy

Here at Artelier, we specialise in curating bespoke abstract art, sculptures and feature walls for a range of clients and projects. As experienced art consultants, we have worked alongside many artists, finding the highest quality abstract artworks, sculptures, wall installations, or full-scale feature walls that respond to the context and brief of your project. We understand that each client has their own unique requirements, therefore we take the time to carefully consider the brief before putting together a proposal of artists that will meet the aesthetic and budgetary needs of the project. From the initial stages to the finishing touches, we will oversee framing, transportation and the final installation.

Previously, we have commissioned several blue abstract artists on the client's behalf, to create bespoke artworks for hotels and residential spaces internationally. Get in touch with us today.


Blue Abstract Art with Gold Leaf

Showcasing the most magical of blue abstract wall art, blue and gold abstract wall art is truly special. One of our 'Artists Walls' artists is inspired by the colourful landscape around her, creating gold leaf artworks that blend with blue paint to unveil the hypnotic dance of light and air. Fascinated by nature, her expressive canvas paintings appear as though they’re alive, bringing the natural world inside. Her technique - grinding raw earth pigments and blending lavender and nut oils - echoes the practise of Grand Masters, including Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. Like their artworks, these paintings are made to endure time. For more blue canvas artworks by this artist, or to see her bespoke artworks curated in hotel and home spaces, see our dedicated page.


Minimalist Blue Abstract Art

Minimalist abstract artworks are special for their simplified beauty, reducing the complexity of form to shapes and lines that express the essence of art itself. One of our 'Artist Wall' artists is well practised in painting abstract minimalist art, using oil and acrylic paint on glass to create monochrome paintings that flow seamlessly into light-reflecting waves of colour. His artistic practise is highly specialised, using an innovative scientific method that communicates colour to light, formulating a fascinating illusion of depth that manipulates our traditional modes of perception. With no beginning, and no ending, the artist's hand is barely visible; we are transported to a realm of possibility far away from reality. All this considered, this artist's metallic blue artwork is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your contemporary home, hotel, or office space. For more information, including a video of the artists methodology, visit our page.


Contemporary Blue Mosaic Art

Blue mosaic art is rich with a classical history, used in temples, churches and palaces. Visually stunning and innately geometric, another one of our 'Artist Wall' artist revives this ancient art medium for the contemporary space. Using enamel mosaic, her works are dynamic in colour and shape, emphasising the quintessential beauty of mosaic wall art. This artist's use of blue is extremely varied, from pale pastel blues to dark blues reminiscent of the deepest ocean, her artworks are sure to excite the memories of passerbys. With shapes that curve around each other, to blocks of colour that adorn simplistic figures in vibrant costumes, these artworks are timeless in style and aesthetic. If you're after an artwork that is highly durable, whilst conveying movement and liveliness, get in touch and we can work together to create a bespoke work for your development. From full-scale light blue abstract art pieces to smaller decorative mosaics, the possibilities are endless.


Ocean & Sky inspired Abstract Art

The feelings blue evokes are boundless, we are reminded of the vast pale blue sky, the thrashing chaos of the ocean, and the serenity of a deep blue night sky. Contemporary abstract art inspired by these elements can transport your white wall paint towards something modern, atmospheric, and memorable. From thickly applied painted brushstrokes, to sleek drips of colour down a canvas, these canvas wall artworks are varied in style and application, yet united in their inspiration. Through the nature of their abstraction, the works suggest an linear perspective popularised by Masters of art, such as Leonardo da Vinci, who frequently used this technique for landscape art. These works are by artists Jeremy Prim, Elena Ilieva and Elaine Jones.


Blue Abstract Textile Art

If you're looking for something more intricate and complex, blue abstract textile art is a popular choice for a contemporary space. Our outstanding 'Artist Wall' artist is exceptionally skilled in creating stunning and original abstract artworks, using the Nuno silk technique – an ancient felting tradition with roots in Central Asia. Through a gentle washing process, the various textile materials mesh with one another, transforming into one lightweight non-woven fabric. Her use of colour is distinctly unique, contrasting inky indigo blue with lighter beige hues that evoke the swirling mystique of the cosmos.

Similarly, another one of 'Artist Wall' artists is innovating art mediums with her approach, infusing glass with fabric. Her artworks capture the light beautifully - ideal for bringing a sense of magic and calm to your interior space. Celebrated worldwide, her eye-catching artworks are exhibited in Dubai, Brussels, Amsterdam, United Kingdom and Shanghai.

For a more natural aesthetic, this talented French artist is inspired by the vast landscape. Her expressive artworks use fine-point needle embroidery and colourful hand-dyed fabrics to evoke the limitless wonder of our universe. A wise investment for your development project, these artists are highly celebrated for their techniques and wonderful textural aesthetic. For more information visit our dedicated page.


Expressive Blue Abstract Art

Nothing says modern and exciting like expressive blue abstract art. Drenched in vibrant blue and infused with light, these canvas wall artworks are ideal for brightening up an office space. Visible brushstrokes and flecks of paint create textural artworks full of patches of colour. Whether its sleek patterns of colour that swirl within the painting, or textural marks that flicker across the canvas, expressive art is perfect for a dynamic addition to your hotel or office space. These artworks are by Arja Valimkai, and Luke Elwes.

Need some advice?

From polished minimalist artworks, to textural silk covered canvases, our curators will work with you to hand-select a suitable artwork for your project. Our team at Artelier has years of experience with sourcing artworks for corporate and residential spaces, handling all the logistics, including framing and installation. Why not get in touch for a free consultation? Our team of curators can put together an extensive proposal, seeing the project through to the final installation.

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