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Public Art Consultancy

Curating Public Art

As  public art consultants, Artelier develops art strategies for art installations in varied public realm spaces: including art for mixed use developments, art for corporate environments,  art for public parks, and residential developments. As well as providing art consultancy for outdoor art, we source and commission contemporary artists to create new art for outdoor areas. 



A Turnkey Public Art Process

Developing an Art Strategy

Artelier's art consultants review in detail the public art project specifications and the client's vision for the public artwork. Understanding deeply the specific context for the public artwork, we propose ideas for the art installation – such as public sculptures and light installations. 

Creatively developing an art strategy involves identifying key locations for public art, curating both art in urban contexts and natural landscapes. 

best public art ideas

Custom Art Commissions

Using art market insight, as art consultants we recommend suitable artists to create the public art. We develop the concept with the artist, finalising the proposal with the client. 


Artelier oversees the art commissioning  process, ensuring that the public art will meet the client's ambitions and integrate into its context.  

Logistics & Art Installation

High-value art in public spaces requires specialist knowledge to ensure the artwork is suitable for outdoor display. We ensure that public art meets safety standards and project requirements. 


We further collaborate with artists on technical aspects, such as developing fixing for public sculptures and protective art finishes. Artelier's art consultancy oversees the public art installation, liaising project teams on shipping and placement. 


Our Approach to Public Art

1. Understand the client's vision 

Consult private clients, developers and designers on themes for public art, and suggest ideas for art installations outdoors.

2. Contextual art research

Research the public artwork's wider context, and create concepts for artistic narratives and themes.

3. Identify key locations for art in public spaces

Survey urban design plans and landscapes to establish key locations for public art, and curate viewpoints for the artwork.

4. Developing an artwork strategy

Create a detailed proposal for the public artworks, creating concepts for the public art commission and following requirements.

5. Commissioning artists

Source and collaborate with contemporary artists on custom commissions, tailored specially for the public art project.

6. Art project management 

Oversee all aspects of delivering the public artwork, including the commissioning process, art shipment and team liaison.

7. Art installation & presentation

Devise public art presentation solutions, including specialist fixings, integrated lighting for art, and art placement in situ. 

Selected Public Art Case Studies


Types of Public Artworks

Bronze & Marble Sculptures

Multimedia Art for Screens

Interactive Art

Custom Mural Art

Functional & Seating Artworks

Light Installations

Water Feature Artworks

Glass Art & Innovative Materials

Tom-Palmer-01 (1)_edited.jpg

Locations for Public Art

Art for Public Squares & Plazas

Art for Terraces & Leisure Areas

Art for Ponds & Water Features

Art for Pools & Spas

Art for Fountains

Art for Public Parks & Gardens

Art for Streets

Functional Art for Seating

Art Consultancy for Public Art

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Corporate Public Lobby Sculpture

London, UK – Sculptural Gate for Residential Development

Manama, Bahrain – Business Centre Installations

Spetses​, Greece – Custom Sculpture Commission for Sculpture Garden

Barcelona, Spain – Shopping District Installations

Isla Colon, Panama – Public Garden Mural

San Francisco, USA – Corporate HQ Public Lobbies

Seoul, South Korea – Business Centre Sculptures 

London, UK – Public Realm Art Collection of Development

London, UK – Temporary Installations across City

Dubai, UAE – Pop-Up Exhibition in Culture Centre

Zhengzou, China – Residential Development Sculptures

London, UK – Lobby Art Commission for Recycling Company HQ

Paris, France – Exhibition Centre Lobby Installation

Trentino, Italy – Public Sculpture Garden

Munich, Germany – Public Lobby of Technology Centre

Belgrade, Serbia – Art for Business Centre of Luxury Hotel

Miyakojima, Japan – Art for Luxury Restaurant

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