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Art for Aircraft


Curating Art for Aircraft

As international art consultants for aircraft, Artelier delivers expert art curation for private jets, including custom art commissions and aircraft certified art collections. With our expertise in providing art for private planes, we commission artists to create bespoke artworks – such as mural wall art, decorative sculptures, and custom paintings – tailored to the unique aircraft interior environment.

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Art Services Tailored to Aircraft

Sourcing Contemporary Art

Artelier's art consultants research leading contemporary artists, to curate a complete art collection for aircraft. We select art for private jets that suits the taste of the client and integrates into the aircraft interior design.

Using our art market knowledge, we source luxury fine art for aircraft owners and designers. The selection of modern artworks are in a range of mediums, and are of excellent investment value.

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Custom Art Commissions

Commissioning a piece of art is a key way to create impact in aircraft interior design. We source and commission artists to create custom paintings, sculptures and murals specially for the aircraft art project. 

Artelier's art consultancy oversees each aspect of the art commissioning process to develop personalised artworks – from devising ideas for private jet art, to onboard art installation. 

Aircraft Certified Art & Installation

As art consultants, we project manage installing art on private aircraft, and supply develop uniquely designed fixings for each luxury artwork in compliance with aircraft regulations. 

Each artwork supplied for aircrafts is finished in air grade art lacquer, and is in accordance with private jet weight and flammability requirements. 


Our Approach to Aircraft Art Consultancy

1. Understand the client's vision 

Consult private clients, developers and designers on themes for private jet art, and suggest ideas for art in aircraft interiors.

2. Conduct art research 

Extensively research contemporary fine art, creating a luxury art portfolio that gives options for the private aircraft art collection.

3. Identify key locations for art in residences

Survey private jet interior design plans to establish key locations for art in the aircraft, and curate art placement.

4. Bespoke art commissioning service

Provide a luxury art service for commissioning artists to create custom sculptures, paintings and wall art for aircraft interiors.

5. Art project management

Turnkey art project management, including handling logistics, art shipping and installation for art in aircraft. 

6. Art presentation and fine art framing

Devise art presentation solutions, including custom art framing, integrated lighting for art, and curating art in situ.

Selected Ideas for Art on Aircraft

private jet luxury art
art for private plane

Types of Artwork for Aircraft

Contemporary Paintings

Sculpture Commission

Custom Art Installations

Bespoke Wall Murals

Fine Art Photography

Sculptural Vases & Accessories

TV Roller Art

Feature Wall Art & Finishes


Locations for Art in Private Jets

Art for Main Salon

Art for Master Bedroom Suite

Art for Rotunda

Art for Side Walls

Art for Bulkheads

Art for Bathrooms

Art for Dining Area

Art for Office

Art Consultancy for Aviation

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LCA FBO, London – Complete Art Collection for Jet Lounge 

Private Falcon 7X – Art Consultants for Aircraft's Paintings & Objets

Rizon Jet FBO, London – Complete Art Collection for Jet Lounge 

Private Boeing 787 – Art Consultancy for Private Jet 

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