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Art for Spas

Spa design

Curating Art for Spas

As international art consultants for spas, Artelier delivers expert art curation in spa interiors, including art commissions customised for spa interior design. With our expertise in providing art for spas, we deliver home spa design ideas and for hotel spas, including: pool art, wall art for spas, custom feature walls, and spa mosaics. 

Art Tailored to Spa Design

Sourcing Contemporary Art

Our art consultants research contemporary artists to source art for spas that meets necessary practical requirements. This includes assessing appropriate materials and finishes for use in the humid spa interior. 

As specialists in sourcing art for spas, we deliver art for home spas and art for hospitality projects. Each curated spa artwork is tailored to the client's tastes and the spa interior design. 

Spa interior design
Art for spa

Custom Spa Art Commissions

Specially commissioning art for spas allows each element of the artwork to be tailored to the client's needs. We work with artists to create custom wall art for spas, specialist feature walls and bespoke sculptures for spas. 

Artelier's art consultancy oversees each aspect of the art commissioning process to develop personalised artworks – from devising ideas for spa art, to installing art in the spa.

Installing & Presenting Art in Spas

Valuable art in spa interiors or outdoor spas requires specialist care. We collaborate with artists to make artworks suitable for display, by adapting materials or applying protective finishes.


As art consultants, we project manage installing art in the spa, and develop uniquely designed fixings for each artwork. We also curate the placement of art within the spa design, assessing all viewpoints of the spa interior.

Pool art

Our Approach to Art Consultancy for Spas

1. Understand the client's vision 

Consult private clients, designers and architects on spa design ideas, and suggest concepts for art installations in the spa.

2. Conduct art research 

Extensively research contemporary fine art, creating a luxury art portfolio that gives options for spa art.

3. Identify key locations for art in spa

Survey spa design plans to establish key locations for art in the spa interior, and curate art placement across the spa. 

4. Bespoke art commissioning service

Provide a luxury art service for commissioning artists to create custom-made art and murals for spa conditions.

5. Art project management

Turnkey art project management, including handling logistics, art shipping and installation for art in spa. 

6. Presentation & installation of art in spa

Devise art presentation solutions, including specialist fixings, integrated lighting for art, and curating artworks in the spa interior.


Types of Art for Spas

Metal Sculptures

Glass Art

Mosaic Feature Walls

Ceramic Artworks

Custom Mural Art

Pool Art

Water Feature Artworks

Stone & Marble Sculptures


Locations for Art in Spas

Art for Pools

Art for Saunas

Art for Steam Rooms

Art for Receptions

Art for Dressing Rooms

Art for Hotel Spa

Art for Day Spa

Art for Home Spa

Art Consultancy for Spas

Whichever stage your hotel project is at, Artelier can advise on creative direction and artwork concepts. We can provide a turnkey art service, overseeing the project from initial ideas to installation – contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our services to you. 

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