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Art Commissions

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Commissioning Art

When working with clients, Artelier’s role as art consultants is understanding the clients vision for their art commission, and then finding a suitable artist to fulfil it. Our art consultants project manage the art commission, ensuring that the custom artwork is delivered seamlessly. Instead of buying existing art,  commissioning a painting or artwork allows great flexibility in terms of style, colours, and subject matter, tailoring the artwork to your needs. 

How to Commission Art

What are art commissions?

An artwork commission is when a client or art consultant approaches an artist to make a custom artwork specially for them, rather than buying an artwork that the artist had already created.


When you commission a piece of art, you collaborate with the artist to develop ideas for the artwork – you may have a vision in mind, a purpose for commissioning art, or an intended place for the art commission, and you communicate this to the artist. The artist then creates custom art based on your preferences.


What is the art commission process?

The process for commissioning an artwork is similar regardless of the medium, be that a painting commission, sculpture, mural or installation. 

After discussing initial ideas and sourcing artists, our art consultants manage the art commission:  developing finishes and compositions, liaising with client and artist, conducting studio visits,  providing samples, project managing progress, and handling the art commission's shipping and installation.

Why commission with art consultants?

Finding an artist for an art commission without knowing the market can be challenging, as an artist may not be well-suited or capable of fulfilling your vision. An art consultant sources an artist who meets your needs, an also works with both client and artist to develop ideas to create a truly exciting concept.


In addition, an experienced art consultant understands how to manage hidden considerations, like how to set the parameters for the art commission and handle all logistics. 


Our Approach to Art Commissioning

1. Understand the client's vision 

Art consultants consult clients, developers and designers on themes for art commissions, and suggest ideas for art in interiors & outdoors.

2. Contextual art research 

Art consultants extensively research the artworks' context, curating themes for art and sourcing options for the art collection.

3. Identify key locations for art

Art consultants survey design plans to establish key locations for art outdoors and in interiors, and curate art placement.

4. Develop an artwork strategy

Art consultants create a detailed proposal for the art commissions, including a shortlist of artists suited to the project.

5. Commissioning artists

Art consultants source and collaborate with contemporary artists on custom commissions, tailored specially for the art project.

6. Art project management

Art consultants oversee all aspects of delivering the art collection, including managing art commissions, art shipment and team liaison.

7. Art installation, presentation & art framing

Art consultants devise art presentation solutions, including fixings for artworks, integrated lighting for art, and custom art framing.

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Types of Art Commissions

Painting Commissions

Bespoke Wall Murals

Custom Art Installations

Sculpture Commissions

Public Art Sculpture Commissions

Sculptural Vases & Accessories

TV Roller Art Commissions

Feature Wall Commissions


Art Commissions for Varied Contexts

Commission Art for Homes

Commission Art for Interiors

Corporate Art Commissions

Commission Hotel Art

Public Art Commission

Commission Art for Gardens

Commission Art for Yachts

Commission Art for Private Plane

International Art Consultants

Selected Interiors Projects

Eaton Place, London – Art Collection for Triplex Apartment

Park Crescent, London – Sculpture & Painting Commissions 

Manama, Bahrain – Art Consultancy for 5* Hotel 

Time Warner, New York – Custom Sculpture Commissions

Belgrave Square, London – Art Consultants for Private Residence

The Chilterns, London – Art Consultants for Residential

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia – Complete Art Collection for 5* Hotel

Courchevel, France – Painting Commission for Private Chalet 

Belsize Park, London – Custom Art Collection for Residence

Selected Outdoor & Public Projects

Spetses, Greece – Personalised Sculpture Commission for Garden

London, UK – Lobby Art Commission for Recycling Company HQ

Maida Vale, London – Art Commission for Development

Birmingham, UK – Art installation for Mailbox retail centre

Dubai, UAE – Sculptural Seating Installation for Plaza

Nice, France – Interactive Installation for Seafront Promenade

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Sculpture Installation for Shopping Mall

Maida Vale, London – Art Commission for Development

Manama, Bahrain – Art Installation for Office Lobby

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